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"Nothing shy of bliss"

Nina Amaya US Camp Events 2008

This is one of my favorite events. Yes, the classes are wonderful, the live music sublime, and the evening parties are famous, but it is the sitting around the table, breaking bread with legendary dance artists, and the wandering through camp as the live music from classes filter through the trees that is most special to me. Tayyar Akdeniz and Artemis Mourat are such warm people, and they set the tone of the camp by the teachers they invite and the welcome they give the campers.

Sarah Skinner for The Hip Circle

"Artemis and Tayyar's Pennsylvania camp offers many benefits, including world-class instruction, small group intimacy, and live music all within a travel time, distance, and money budget accessible for people near the Eastern seaboard.."

Alay’nya for Zagarheet

"Delight in the glory of the dancers and musicians."

"Nothing you could afford to forget."

Zarquaa for Habibi magazine

"Fun and creative"

Piper for The Gilded Serpent

Not just brilliant teachers, these people love what they do in performance as well.

Madam Shibar Mozuna for Mozuna

A memorable experience that brought great joy to my heart/mind/soul.

Tahya for The Gilded Serpent

Camper Comments

"Teachers and musicians are awesome!"

Sylvia Boothe

"Excellent Music! Excellent Parties! Excellent!!!... So great to find advanced classes. This was great!"

Carl Miller

"Wonderful how it seemed that all genders, religions, ethnicities, races were in joyful harmony!"

Cynthia Leonard

"This was so exciting for me as well as a great learning experience."

Melinda Janoush

"Thank you so much! So glad I came. The musicians were amazing!"

Kristina Melike


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