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I'm looking forward to attending the 2010 Camp! Teka dum pah!

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Lehigh Valley, PA
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TAHYA, 2008 LVAIC Dance Consortium's Distinguised Service Awardee, has been continually teaching and performing Danse Orientale since 1977. Recognized as the area's leading authority on Middle Eastern Dance, her classes awaken inner creativity while emphasizing music and dance as a window on the unique cultures of North Africa and countries throughout the Middle and Far East. TAHYA concerts and workshops build cultural awareness and dance appreciation, replacing misconceptions with informed concepts and boosting a respect for art forms steeped in antiquity. Furthermore, with humanity's need to express the spirit within, her intent is to stir the creative spirit within, revealing a pathway of relaxation and well-being and illustrate the magical ability of dance to inspire beauty, respect and tolerance in our hearts while building cultural awareness.

TAHYA is an ACE-certified Group Fitness instructor and a spellbinding performer who has been devoted to presenting as well as teaching dances steeped in antiquity for over 30 years. Dedicated study with masters of middle and far eastern dance have resulted in the creation of a cultural form representing traditional dance as well as maintaining the dance spirit in new pieces of choreography.

She says, "May inspiration abound to find the rhythm and music that dances within us all, allowing creativity and graceful healing harmony to emerge as part of daily existence (all across the planet)."
Dance, frame drum, finger cymbals, poetry, rhythm & rhyme!

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Lehigh Valley
United States


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