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kiz-kulesi.jpgSituated between Europe and Asia, linking Western and Eastern cutlers Turkeys European border adjoins Greece and Bulgaria: to the northeast is part of the former Russia and to the southeast lie Iran, Iraq and Syria. The Turkish peninsula is surrender by four seas. Mediterranean (south), Aegean (west), Sea of the Marmara (between Europe and Asia) and the Black sea (north) Turkey is approximately 301,000 square miles with 5,000 miles of coastline.

The high plateau landscape is bordered by the Black sea Mountain chain (The Pontiac Alps) to the north and the Taurus Mountains to the south. Turkey’s diverse terrain includes mountains, steppe lands, Lakelands, rivers coastal plains forests and rich agricultural valleys. 

71 million in 2008 Major cities include Istanbul (12, 5 million) the capital city of   Ankara (4, 5 million), Izmir (3, 5 million),  


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