Trakya Region


Regions of the Trakya, (Hora, Karsilama)

(Kirklareli, Edirne, Silivri, Corlu, Malkara, Kesan, Luleburgaz, Bandirma Canakkale, Istanbul)

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(Turkish : kar??lama) is a Grecoturk folk dance found in the region of Macedonia. Kar??lamas from Turkish Language, meaning "face-to-face greeting". Also meaning is welcome Karsilamas is a couple dance that is still danced in what was the former Byzantine and Ottoman empire, from Persia to Serbia, and in the Macedonia and Thrace regions of Northern Greece.

Today it is a raucous, bordering on the erotic, couple dance between men and women where the dancers face one another. Hands are held in the upright position about eye level, fingers snapped to the beat of the music, hips swaying. The meter is 9/8, and the Basic move   is danced in four small steps with durations 2,2,2,3 respectively. The style and mood (bouncy, smooth, lively, etc.) vary depending on the region. Rumeli Kar??lamasi Trakya Kar??lamasi, Merzifon Kar??lamasi, Giresun Karsilamasi (Black see from Turkey) Edirne Kar??lamasi  is also the title of a Kar??lama in Turkish Roma musicPopular in some Balkan regions.

Hora is a type of circle dance originating in the Balkans but now found in a number of countries, most of which use slightly different spellings.

The Greek  is cognate with Bulgarian 'horo', Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian “Kolo” Macedonian 'oro', the Turkish form 'hora' and Romanian 'hor?'.

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